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Social Life and Friendships

We offer our students the freedom to mix with others and make their own friends

For many of the young people who join us this may be the first time in their school careers that they can study and learn independently. The sense of freedom this creates is enormous. Our students often tell us that, for the first time in their lives, they do not feel singled out as ‘different’.

At NCW, our students enjoy the company of others who know how they feel and what they are going through. The importance of forming these relationships cannot be stressed enough.


Living with like-minded people

More often than not, it is the chance to do ordinary, everyday things together that our students value most. That can be something as simple as popping out to the local shops, going into town for a coffee or to the cinema.

Our students love to organise their own parties and discos, which quickly become regular events in the Houses and Hostel. There is hardly a lunchtime, evening or weekend when there is not some exciting social event happening, on or off campus.

“Making the decision to send Katie away from home was really tough on all of us. It was difficult at first, and we really did miss her, but we knew that it was the right decision. She’s so much more independent and confident now and has such a great social life. She’s even got a weekend job in a local clothes shop. I doubt that any of this would have happened had she not come to NCW.”
Michael, Parent
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